Domestic Abuse & The Christian


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Domestic violence is real and it happens even in the church.

Since it is a sensitive topic, we don’t bring it up much in the church. People can pretend a lot in church by making it look as if everything is “perfect”

While domestic violence can involve women abusing men, in most cases, men abuse women. It’s a fact of biology that women are typically physically weaker than men. And, typically, the strong and powerful frequently oppress those who are weaker. By its very nature, domestic violence happens in the privacy of the home.

Both abuser and victim tend to hide the truth, because of a combination of denial, fear, and shame. Sometimes, women in particular may excuse their abusers in a misguided attempt to protect their children.

Check out this amazing conversation we had with Dr Angela Aboagye-Dwamena (Director of the Ark Foundation, Ghana) on Domestic violence/abuse.


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