Youth Mentoring Program

The Challenge
Many immigrants/minority youth come to school with an array of the following risk factors based on the different culture they find themselves in:
• Aggressive behaviors, Reactive behaviors, Impulsive behavior
• Poor Academic Success
• Lack of School Commitment
• Depression, Anxiety
• Low Confidence/Self-esteem
• Low Social Skills
• Sometimes, a lack of empathy from their parents/caregivers based on the different upbringing.

Our Solution

The Master-Pieced Youth Mentoring Program seeks to create a safe place which provides high school students with mentors who can develop a trust relationship with them, share their experience with the mentee, provide support, guidance, and opportunities to help these students succeed in life and pursue their dreams. Our goal is to reduce the risk factors faced among immigrant and minority students, build resiliency to promote emotional well-being and school success in high school and beyond.

What we offer to students

Helping students become successful by:

  • Being prepared for the SAT and ACT.
  • Completing their college applications on time.
  • Getting into the college/university of their choice
  • Getting scholarships to help pay for the cost of attending college.
  • Building skills for success in high school, college, and beyond
  • Being able to set goals, priorities and manage time well.
  • Building their confidence and self esteem in their abilities.

2023/2024 Youth Mentoring Registration Is Open

Mentorship Program Registration
Thank you for your interest in our Youth Mentorship Program. This program is open to High School Students; ages 14 and above.

There are two forms to be completed – One by the student and the other by the parent.

Please complete forms by August 5th.
We will reach out to you to set time to meet, and the first meeting will occur in your school or virtually.
Information that you provide is confidential and will not be shared without your permission.
We are looking forward to helping you succeed

Our Youth Mentoring Framework

Introduction to the Youth Mentoring Framework

Eight evidence- and research-based themes to youth development are featured in Master-Pieced Inc Youth Mentoring Framework.

Become a mentor

• Support a young person through an ongoing one-on-one relationship
• Serve as a positive role model and friend
• Plan and participate in activities together
• Build self-esteem and motivation in a young person
• Set goals with your mentee and work toward accomplishing them
• Spend 2-4 hours per month one-on-one with mentee

There are many benefits in being a mentor. Our mentors provide young adults with the kind of guidance, care and support that all young people need.

Read more about how you can become and sign up to help teach and reach one young person.

Mentorship Club

Mentorship Club provides a safe place for you to connect with people especially when you join the mentoring program.

Similar to networking but more focused on your journey. Master-Pieced Inc will pair you with someone who has a similar journey that can help guide you.